Dr. Lidia Yebra, born in Madrid (Spain) in 1973, is a zooplankton ecologist with special interest in zooplankton production. Her research topics include ecophysiology of planktonic organisms, biological oceanography, active carbon fluxes, optimization and application of new techniques in marine biology, and population dynamics in relation to climate change. Stands out her development of a new enzymatic index (AARS method) of zooplankton production that facilitates the study of plankton ecology at oceanographic scale. She currently investigates the effect of eutrophication on coastal plankton production and the energy transfer within the pelagic trophic web (from primary producers to fish larvae).

Fields of Specialization
Plankton ecology, biological oceanography, zooplankton production
Degree in Marine Biology, Universities of La Laguna (ULL) and Autónoma of Madrid (UAM), Spain.; PhD in Biological Oceanography, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (UPGC), Spain.
Oceanographic Center
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