Vázquez, Juan-Tomás

Juan-Tomás Vázquez is a researcher of the Marine Geosciences Group (GEMAR) at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography. He is graduated and PhD in Geology from the Complutense University (Madrid). He joined the Geological and Mining Institute of Spain (IGME) in 1986, between 1993 and 2007 was a professor of Marine Geology and Tectonics at the University of Cadiz. Currently focus his interest on the geology and geomorphology of continental margins and oceanic basins to know neotectonics, active tectonics, seepage and mass transport processes and their role in marine geological hazards. He has participated in 61 oceanographic expeditions, 23 of them as scientist chief, and in more than 45 research projects, five of them as coordinator or main researcher. He has supervised 2 PhD Thesis, 1 BSc ...

Fields of Specialization
Marine Geology (Unesco code: 2510.90), Tectonics (Unesco code: 2507.07), Geomorphology (Unesco code: 2506.07), Structural Geology (Unesco code: 2506.20), Sismology and Seismic exploration (Unesco code: 2507.05)
Graduate in Geology, 1985, Complutense University; Ph D in Geology, 2001, Complutense University
Oceanographic Center
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