Pablo Otero, Male, holds a Ph.D. in Marine Sciences (2008). Since 2016 he is Researcher at the Instituto Español de Oceanografía (IEO). During years, his research has been related to ocean modelling and the analysis of oceanographic data. He is especially interested in applying oceanographic data to multidisciplinary questions and the exploitation of oceanographic data through the creation of derived data products. As example, he has been one of the creators of Alavai (a tool for visualizing the ocean surface drift) or, a forecast of the sea surface temperature at Iberian Atlantic beaches. He has also explored the general interest in Operational Oceanography through the analysis of comments and posts in social network sites. Among others, he has participated in PLATERIAS, ...

Fields of Specialization
Pysical oceanography, coastal modelling, data management
PhD Marine Sciences, University of Vigo, 2008; MSc Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Applications, University of Dundee, 2001
Oceanographic Center
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