Francisco José Gómez Jakobsen is a marine scientist especialized in remote sensing of the ocean and in its applications to pelagic echosystems and eutrophication studies, also owning a wide knowledge in physical oceanography, programming and environmental data management. Started his career in the University of Cádiz as collaborator student (physical oceanography dept.), involved in tide propagation studies. Just after finish the degree started to work in the Canary Islands Oceanographic Center (physical oceanography dept.) developing activities in the field of oceanic hydrology and current measurements among others. In 2010 started to work in the Málaga Oceanographyc Center, in a group of pelagic ecology (ECOALBORAN), contributing to give a environmental perspective to its studies.

Fields of Specialization
Remote Sensing of Ocean (2510.99), Physical Oceanography (2510.07)
Marine Sciences Degree; PhD University of Málaga
Oceanographic Center
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